Dental Hygienist

UC Health

The primary purpose of this position is to perform professional dental care in the field of dental hygiene as outlined by the Ohio State Dental Board permissible duties. Also, will have broad responsibilities for clinical and community health education services.

Location: University of Cincinnati Medical Center- Dental Center

Hours: Full-Time / 36 hours per week

Shift: First

Job Responsibilities  

  • Polishing of the clinical crown(s) of teeth, including restorations. Removal of calcareous deposits of accretions from the crowns and roots of teeth. 
  • Sulcular placement of prescribed materials. Bleaching teeth under direct supervision (excluding procedures that utilize Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) Technologies). Procedures while the patient is anesthetized. Monitor nitrous oxide-oxygen (N2O-O2) with appropriate training per state dental board guidelines. Placement of sealants. Aspiration and retraction, excluding placement of gingival retraction materials. Intra-oral instrument transfer. Preliminary charting of missing and filled teeth. Elastimeric impressions for diagnostic models and models to be used for opposing models in the construction of appliances and restorations. Taking impressions for the construction of custom athletic mouth protectors/mouth guards. Application of disclosing solutions. Caries susceptibility testing. Taking impressions for the construction of trays for application of medicaments. 
  • Peridontal scaling, root planning and soft tissue curettage, definitive subgingival curettage, definitive root planning. 
  • Shade selection for fabrication of appliances or restorations. – Application of topical anesthetics. Pulp testing. Fluoride application, limited to liquid or gel applications. Topical applications of desensitizing agents to teeth. Application of periodontal dressings (packs). Removal of periodontal dressings (packs). Suture removal. Placement of rubber dam over pre-placed clamp, and removal of clamp and rubber dam. Application of cavity varnish. Placement of surgical dressings. Removal of surgical dressings. Intra-oral bite registrations for diagnostic model articulation. Intra-oral bite registrations for restorations. Intra-oral bite registrations for appliances. Standard, diagnostic, radiologic procedures contributing to the provision of dental services. 
  • All supportive services necessary to the maintenance of a hygienic practice environment, including, but not limited to, all sterilizing procedures. 
  • Other post-operative and post-insertion instructions, as deemed appropriate by supervising dentist. Preparation of materials, drugs and medications for use in palliative dental procedures. Preparation of materials, drugs and medications for use in impression dental procedures. Preparation of materials, drugs and medications for use in restorative dental procedures. Polymerization of light-activated restorative or bonding materials. Review the physical demands and assign an overall average percentage of time this position performs these activities. These physical demands will not be listed or rated on the annual performance appraisal. 
  • Assistance during administration of life-support activities, and any other non-invasive procedures deemed necessary by the supervising dentist to maintain the health and safety of the patient. All non-invasive support services and procedures necessary to the gathering and maintaining of accurate and complete medical and dental history of the patient, including, but not limited to: Taking photographs. Recording patient treatment. Measurement of blood pressure and body temperature. Other common tests deemed necessary by supervising dentist. All patient education services, including, but not limited to: Progress reports. Oral hygiene instructions. Use of intra-oral hygiene devices. Self adjustment of orthodontic appliances.

Education: Graduation from an accredited School of Dental Hygiene (Required) Graduate of an accredited dental hygiene school or program having successfully passed all examinations, completed all application requirements for licensure in Ohio as set forth in Section 4715.21 of the revised code and the agency level rules of this board, and holds a current license to practice dental hygiene in Ohio which is not suspended or revoked by board action. (Required)

Certification: Must maintain current BLS certification (Required)

Experience: Previous experience preferred, but not required.

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