IT Solution Architect

International Organization for Migration

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Core Functions / Responsibilities

1. Develop and oversee the implementation of the Electronic Readmission Case Management System, including:

  • Designing and implementing solution architecture.
  • Contribute to design and/or improving major aspects of the application architecture including components such as user interface, middleware and infrastructure, so to keep it always up to date and in line with the latest technologies requirements. • Identifying technical requirements. • Assessing technical risks.
  • Providing technical expertise and support to the application development team in relation to security enhancement, database access, messaging mechanisms and integration with other interfaces.
  • Supporting design and code reviews, security assessment and validation, suggest debugging procedures in case of failures.
  • Upgrading and adapting the system to different hosting environments.
  • Mapping and keeping updated all the application requirements that are currently available plus the future requirements that will be collected. Be able to categorize them and tailor a dedicated requirements list for each project so to cater for specific Partner Country needs.
  • Supporting the IT provider in the various stages of application integration, maintenance, upgrades and migration, including testing and versioning stages.
  • Ensuring GDPR and subsequent European Data Protection Board compliance. 

2. Oversee the administrative aspects of IT-related work in the program, such as:

  • Managing project timelines and deliverables.
  • Creating and maintaining project documentation.
  • Documenting application development processes, procedures, and standards.

3. Providing regular status reports to the Programme Manager. 3. Coordinate the work of relevant stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of the Electronic Readmission Case Management System, including:

  • Collaborating with major stakeholders to ensure the architecture is aligned with process requirements, ensuring uniform ICT Application Design standards are maintained
  • Coordinating meetings with stakeholders.
  • Facilitating communication between stakeholders.
  • Managing stakeholder expectations.

4. Collaborate with the Service provider to suggest possible technical solutions to be developed and implemented, ensuring that the system is adapted to different hosting environments, including:

  • upgrading and maintaining updated the Application Requirements Document with focus on functional and non-functional requirements, ensuring security, scalability and maintainability.
  • contributing to upgrading the Blueprint document with possible architectural options and optimization mechanisms.
  • Development of the whole application workflow and set of functionalities, possible scenarios for development, contributing to the relevant technical documentation such as technical set up guidelines, workflow configuration, system customization guidelines, user’s manual, etc.
  •  Supporting and collaborating in the technical activities to configure and release customized versions of the e-RCMS in the production environment.
  • Contributing to feasibility assessments and development of specifications, to evaluate the possibility of turning existing EURCAP RCMSs into BPSs.
  • Supporting and providing technical advice for the development, customization and related quality assurance work of e-RCMS.
  • Collaborating in testing, quality control and commissioning the site for live operations.
  • Supporting and providing expertise in relation to the offline components and material related to the operating environment, including training material and user’s manuals.
  • Participating in relevant technical meetings and contributing expertise to working groups.

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